Darwin's Amazing Animals • 2018 • 6 episodes • 2h:25m

The series explores the amazing stories of animals in Africa, the Americas and Asia, including Japan.

Tiny Terror — Japanese Tiger Beetle, Japan

The vividly colorful Japanese tiger beetle can be found in and around mountainside villages across Japan. Only a few centimeters in length, they sprint at high speed and catch prey such as ants using their massive jaws. With their dynamic hunting displays, they are literally "tiny terrors". Their larvae are no less fearful. From tiny holes in the ground they ambush passing insects, instantly pulling them in. Watch and be amazed at the hunting scenes of both adult and young.

2018 • Nature

Taking Center Stage — Cock of the Rock, Suriname

We all crave attention but one bird goes the extra mile to rise above the flock. Come with us to the rain forests of South America's smallest country Suriname to catch a very special performance of the male Guianan cock of the rock. It will dazzle you with its beautiful fluffy yellow plumage; serenade you with a variety of bird song; and wow you with its courtship behavior. But we must say: it's not all romantic! Such is life for a bird that demands and receives nothing less than center stage!

2018 • Nature

Matchmaking Party — Topi, Kenya

There's an animal in Africa so physically unremarkable, we had to beg a guide to help us find it! But the topi is anything but ordinary. How about "freeloading finesse"? Small groups tag along with herds of migratory beasts, relying on their watchful eyes to guard against predators. But a "matchmaking party"?! In the rainy season, small groups of female topis steadily merge into a huge herd in their search for grass shoots. And the males are waiting … and battling for prime mating rights!

2018 • Nature

Elusive Survivor - Arabian Wolf, Israel

The Negev Desert in Israel is one of the world's most extreme arid lands. Surprisingly, wolves live here. They're called Arabian wolves and their global population is estimated at a mere 700. For the first time ever, a crew was able to film them for an extended period. Some of the scenes captured include parents raising cubs in their dens and epic battles against their worst enemies. With unique and exceptional footage, viewers will discover the amazing lives of these mysterious wolves.

2018 • Nature

It's Now Black and White ? Common Zebra, Africa

Look into a herd of zebras and try counting the animals. You can't! The mesmerizing effect was long thought to serve as a sort of camouflage against predators. We travel to Africa to scrutinize this and other theories regarding the zebra's fascinating striped pattern. A way to beat the heat on the savanna? Perhaps to ward off the dangerous Tsetse fly whose unending appetite for blood can result in death?! Let's keep cool while avoiding some nasty bites and learn how the zebra earned its stripes!

2019 • Nature

Quick and Tidy! — Sengi, Africa

Tiny, round-eyed Sengis are a rare mammal found in the African savannah. They create complex trails that are exactly like the roads humans build. The trails protect them against predators. If a Monitor lizard approaches, Sengi will take off in a flash. By speeding along the straightaway and making sharp turns, Sengi will quickly outdistance its pursuer and dart through a T-intersection to hide. Sengis also use the trails to raise their young, the most adorable little creatures ever to appear on Darwin's Amazing Animals. This episode takes a look at these fascinating creatures that spend their entire lives on the road.

2019 • Nature