Destination: Jupiter • 2017 • 2 episodes • 0h:33m

A few days before the spacecraft fires its main engines into Jupiter’s orbit, this short documentary, Destination: Jupiter, will shed light on the science and technology behind NASA’s ambitious mission.

The Juno Mission

The NASA probe Juno successfully enters orbit around Jupiter. Its mission: unravel mysteries, explore how the gas giant formed, uncover the secrets of its violent storms -- and glimpse the origin of our Solar System.

S1E1 • 2017 • Astronomy

Mission Update

NASA's Juno probe has been orbiting the largest planet on our Solar System, the gas giant Jupiter, since July 4, 2016. As the February 2017 closest-to-the-planet flyby approaches, what secrets has its moon, Juno, revealed thus far and how has a simple valve altered a decade of planning?

S1E2 • 2017 • Astronomy