Evolve • 2021 • 4 episodes • 5h:14m

Biologist Patrick Aryee embarks on a high-octane adventure to discover how nature can help us solve humanity’s biggest challenges.


Patrick investigates how life evolved ways to thrive in all corners of our planet. But can nature teach us better ways of exploring worlds beyond Planet Earth?

S1E1 • 2021 • Nature


On this journey, Patrick investigates whether nature’s greatest survivors can inspire technologies that will help humanity avoid extinction.

S1E2 • 2021 • Nature


Patrick goes in search of animals that have mastered the art of protection and discovers how their genius is inspiring new technologies to protect us in the future.

S1W4 • 2021 • Nature


In his final adventure, Patrick explores whether animals like mysterious squid or decorative spiders could help us restore the impact we’ve had on the planet.

S1E6 • 2021 • Nature