Orbit: Earths Extraordinary Journey • 2012 • 3 episodes • 2h:55m

Kate Humble and Dr. Helen Czerski go on a mission to chronicle the devastating effects of Earth's movements. By following its voyage around the sun for one complete orbit, 584 million miles, Humble and Czerski discover why the planet tilts and how this results in such weather events as monsoons. They also find that some of the smallest changes in Earth's movement caused ice ages and that another glacial period could happen in the future.

July to December

In this first episode they travel from July to the December solstice, experiencing spectacular weather and the largest tides on Earth. To show how the Earth's orbit affects our lives, Helen jumps out of an aeroplane and Kate briefly becomes the fastest driver on Earth.

1/3 • 2012 • Nature

January to March

In this second episode we travel from January to the March equinox. Kate Humble gets closer to the Sun than she has ever been before, whilst Helen Czerski visits a place that gets some of the biggest and fastest snowstorms on Earth.

2/3 • 2012 • Nature

March to June

In this final episode we complete our journey, travelling back from the March equinox to the end of June. Kate Humble is in the Arctic at a place where spring arrives with a bang, whilst Helen Czerski chases a tornado to show how the earth's angle of tilt creates the most extreme weather on earth.

3/3 • 2012 • Nature