Predict my Future: The Science of Us • 2016 • 1 episode • 2h:57m

This four part series looks at the findings from the ultimate nature-nurture test. The mountain of research generated by the Dunedin Longitudinal Study reveals what really makes us who we are, what affect childhood has on as adults, why some of us will go off the rails while others will prosper and be successful.This series follows the fascinating study and information it has provided in almost every field of medical and social development including respiratory and cardiovascular health, addictions, obesity, sexual health, cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, genetics and criminology and most interestingly the effects of nature and nurture on health and behaviour.

Dirt Poor is Bad

This episode looks at the effects of modern life and aging , how excessive cleanliness affects asthma & allergies, how poverty gets under the skin to cause lifelong damage, the physical effects of social isolation, and predicting mental illness and Alzheimer's by just looking at the back of people's eyes. Plus the latest research and where the research is going next.

4/4 • 2016 • Lifehack