The Life of Earth • 2019 • 2 episodes • 1h:28m

Covering everything from the arrival of oceans and freezing global ice sheets to volcanic eruptions and mass extinctions to the role of humans in the planet’s future, 'The Life of Earth' delves deep into the planet’s history and ongoing challenges to sustain life.

From Space

The first of the two-part series, titled "From Space," explores the birth and early life of Earth, as seen from orbit, using clues from over 300 satellites and space stations surveying Earth’s landmarks to work backwards and piece together what the planet’s early days might have looked like.

S1E1 • 2019 • Astronomy

The Age of Humans

The second part, "The Age of Humans", explores the rise of the human race and civilizations, along with changing weather patterns and climates.

S1E2 • 2019 • Astronomy