The Mafia • 2005 • 4 episodes • 3h:05m

Discover 1950s home movie footage that reveals mob family life. Encounter interviews with surviving gangsters and join them in visiting locations that still bring a shudder of fear. Witness interviews with the FBI agents who risked their lives to break the mob, examine rare surveillance footage, hear taped conversations that took the Dons down, and more. This is a history of the Mafia that has remained shrouded by its code of honour until now.

Mafia, What Mafia?

How did the mafia evolve from gangs into a multi-national organisation run as efficiently as a legitimate business? In 1931, legendary mobster "Lucky" Luciano formed a mafia board to establish policy among the families.

S1E1 • 2005 • People

Going Global

In Sicily, a murderous clan, the Corleonesi, which gave its name to Brando's character in The Godfather, blasted to the top of the mafia. While in the US, a new kind of police would expose and dismantle drug enterprises.

S1E2 • 2005 • People

The Great Betrayal

Terror filled the streets of Sicily as rival bosses fought for control of the drug empire. The arrest of godfather, Tommaso Buscetta marked a turning point when he broke omerta, the mafia's sacred code of silence.

S1E3 • 2005 • People

The Godfathers

Italian magistrate Giovanni Falcone became the symbol of the struggle against the mob and in the US John Gotti flaunted his mob involvement before being jailed. The glory days may have gone but the mafia is far from dead.

S1E4 • 2005 • People