Wild Russia • 2009 • 2 episodes • 4h:18m

Extending to 11 time zones and is situated on the territory of two continents, from the center of Europe to the Pacific Ocean, this huge country affects its scope and untouched natural resources, which in their pristine beauty of the harbor vast expanses, which lie far from the noisy and crowded cities - Moscow and Saint - Petersburg. Having a unique opportunity to show the first wild Russia in all its diversity, we commit narrator from east to west through the mountains, deserts, volcanoes, lakes, and the Arctic ice. Our amazing six-part documentary film, shot using the latest cinematic technology, bright and colorfully tells about the unique natural resources and reserves of this huge country.

Taiga Region

There is no uncommon sight hanging on the trees of Asian black bears, chipmunks, scurrying about in search of food, as well as the sika deer, gracefully descend to the water to supplement your diet with brown algae. The very presence of deer and deer attracts the largest predator in this region - the Amur tiger. But the world's largest wild cat is also at risk. Poaching and destruction of habitat of tigers in the Ussuri taiga in Russia for many years have created a real threat of extinction of this rare animal.

2/6 • 2009 • Nature


Siberia - It accounts for 10% of the land on our planet. Siberia is known for its frost and is known worldwide as one of the coldest places on earth. However, Siberia is home to numerous species of large wild animals, beasts and other creatures, including musk deer, camel, gazelle and rare species of lizard - Siberian salamander, which can be several years in a frozen state at - 40gradusov C and survive. From the cold north to the southern steppes - all Siberia, in all its splendor. Kamchatka - Land exploding volcanoes and glaciers, a country of ice and fire.

3/6 • 2009 • Nature