Wild Russia • 2009 • 1 episode • 4h:18m

Extending to 11 time zones and is situated on the territory of two continents, from the center of Europe to the Pacific Ocean, this huge country affects its scope and untouched natural resources, which in their pristine beauty of the harbor vast expanses, which lie far from the noisy and crowded cities - Moscow and Saint - Petersburg. Having a unique opportunity to show the first wild Russia in all its diversity, we commit narrator from east to west through the mountains, deserts, volcanoes, lakes, and the Arctic ice. Our amazing six-part documentary film, shot using the latest cinematic technology, bright and colorfully tells about the unique natural resources and reserves of this huge country.

Arctic - Far North

The Arctic region of Russia is considered the most inhospitable places to live. But polar bears, lemmings, Arctic foxes, and seals - Arctic - simply heaven. In late August, with the onset of the breeding season is going very strong male musk for traditional competitions for the right leadership in the pairing with females. Weight of an adult bull can reach 400 kilograms. In a skirmish with a rival musk ox to deliver a decisive blow running away at 40 miles per hour. Sound from the blow horns fighting males can be heard at a distance of more than one kilometer.

5/6 • 2009 • Nature