Amazing Monkeys • 2018 • 3 episodes • 2h:12m

Join host and biologist Patrick Aryee on a journey through time, and across the globe, to explore how all sorts of mischievous monkeys and intelligent apes have evolved and branched off to conquer the world over the past 55 million years. Then come face-to-face with some of the 400+ species of primates thriving in our jungles, deserts, grasslands and mountains. It's a story of epic migrations, lost lands, mass extinctions, and one remarkable family tree.


Span the jungles, beaches, and snowy landscapes of Asia and come face-to-face with its remarkable variety of primates.

S1E1 • 2018 • Nature


Witness Africa's monkeys and apes and see how they evolved into the world's biggest, strongest, and smartest primates.

S1E2 • 2018 • Nature

The Americas

Meet leaping acrobats, nut-cracking wizards, and Earth's loudest land animal as we celebrate primates of the Americas.

S1E3 • 2018 • Nature