China: A New World Order • 2019 • 3 episodes • 2h:57m

On 14th March 2013, a man largely unknown in the west was given one of the most important jobs in the world. China's new president, Xi Jinping, became the leader of a rising superpower, commander of a formidable military, and the head of an economy that's crucial to people's lives around the world.

Part 1

Tells the extraordinary story of his controversial six-year rule, and how he set about transforming China into a tightly controlled state where loyalty to the Communist Party appears to be valued above everything else.

S1E1 • 2019 • Economics

Part 2

Explores how Xi has made China a more assertive presence on the world stage. For decades, Beijing followed a policy of 'hide your strength and bide your time', but since Xi's accession that has changed, creating alarm in the West over China's growing influence. As Xi faces his greatest test yet - a confrontation in Hong Kong - how will the newly resurgent China react?

S1E2 • 2019 • Economics

Part 3

Explores the growing tension between China and the west over allegations that the Chinese state has engaged for years in large-scale industrial espionage and hacking to steal the west's business secrets and technological know-how. One former US official has described it as the 'largest transfer of wealth in human history'. China denies the charges – but growing anger in the US is fuelling the trade war with China.

S1E3 • 2019 • Economics