James May's Things You Need to Know • 2011 - 2012 • 7 episodes • 4h:14m

James May gives a straightforward guide to some of science's big ideas, explaining everything from evolution and Einstein to engineering and chemistry

The Universe

James May takes a journey of discovery across the universe.

S1E2 • 2011 • Astronomy

The Weather

James May asks the big questions about the weather, including what is a cloud?

S1E3 • 2011 • Environment


James May reveals a world of facts about Albert Einstein and his groundbreaking theories.

S2E1 • 2012 • People

The Brain

James May cranks open your cranium to reveal what's really taking place inside your head.

S2E2 • 2012 • Brain


James May treks into the wilderness to learn about Darwin's theory of natural selection.

S2E3 • 2012 • Nature


James May rapidly and easily explains all you need to know about speed.

S2E4 • 2012 • Physics


James May gives a nuts and bolts explanation of the fascinating science of engineering.

S2E5 • 2012 • Nature