James May's Things You Need to Know • 2011 - 2012 • 9 episodes • 4h:14m

James May gives a straightforward guide to some of science's big ideas, explaining everything from evolution and Einstein to engineering and chemistry

The Human Body

James uses motion graphics to help find the answers to key questions about the human body

S1E1 • 2011 • Health

The Universe

James May takes a journey of discovery across the universe.

S1E2 • 2011 • Astronomy

The Weather

James May asks the big questions about the weather, including what is a cloud?

S1E3 • 2011 • Environment


James May reveals a world of facts about Albert Einstein and his groundbreaking theories.

S2E1 • 2012 • People

The Brain

James May cranks open your cranium to reveal what's really taking place inside your head.

S2E2 • 2012 • Brain


James May treks into the wilderness to learn about Darwin's theory of natural selection.

S2E3 • 2012 • Nature


James May rapidly and easily explains all you need to know about speed.

S2E4 • 2012 • Physics


James May gives a nuts and bolts explanation of the fascinating science of engineering.

S2E5 • 2012 • Nature


James May distills the secrets of all you need to know about chemistry.

S2E6 • 2012 • Science