Planet Insect • 2022 • 3 episodes • 2h:44m

A documentary exploring the science of insect behavior. Some insects have incredible practices as well as distinct personalities.

Small Creatures - Big Lives

Between 5 and 10 million different kinds maybe ten quintillion individuals - there's absolutely no doubt that we're living on Planet Insect. Insects live the most extraordinary lives many of them revealed for the first time in this one-hour program.

S1E1 • 2022 • Nature

The Next Generation

Insects are very good at making more insects, but it's not easy. Insects are tiny creatures living in a big world. Partners must find each other to mate and the next generation must survive in a huge dangerous world.

S1E2 • 2022 • Nature

Hive Minds

Social insects (ants, bees, wasps and termites) are incredibly successful. By some estimates the weight of ants equals that of humanity and that of termites equals terrestrial vertebrates.

S1E3 • 2022 • Nature