Strip the Cosmos • 2014 • 5 episodes • 4h:10m

STRIP THE COSMOS uses stunning CGI animation to strip planets, moons, black holes, stars and galaxies – layer by layer – to solve key mysteries surrounding the origin and destiny of the universe. Are there signs of life beneath the surface of Mars? What’s it like entering a wormhole? What lies at the center of the Sun? How did asteroids help shape the solar system? This series explores these and other mysteries by cracking open space rocks, peeling away planetary surfaces and stripping stars from their galaxies to expose the hidden secrets of six space wonders: the Sun, Black Holes, Asteroids, Mars, Comets and Alien Worlds. As we uncover these unique cosmological landscapes, we come face-to-face with the people who are working to understand them – the scientists performing missions that will get their questions answered. We reveal how scientists can use sand dunes to predict the weather on Mars, engineers have developed a space robot to collect and return part of an asteroid to Earth and astronomers have discovered that one day our galaxy will dramatically collide with its neighbour. This series reveals worlds never seen before; stunning CGI animation peels back the layers, revealing alien landscapes of fragile lava caves, roiling plasma seas, cosmic platinum mines, and the hungry black hole at the center of our galaxy – cosmological wonders that play a surprising role defining our place in the universe.

Black Holes

We strip apart black holes, one of the most feared objects in the universe, and tear off swirling galaxies of stars, planets, and cosmic dust layer by layer to explore the secrets of these hungry menaces lurking right on our cosmic doorstep.

S1E1 • 2014 • Astronomy

The Sun

We strip apart the Sun and tear off boiling seas of plasma, light particles, and force fields layer by layer to explore the secrets that lie beneath the surface of Earth’s powerhouse.

S1E2 • 2014 • Astronomy

Killer Asteroids

We strip apart asteroids and peel back surfaces, slice open craters, and exploding out rocks layer by layer to explore these miniature worlds and the secrets of the early solar system.

S1E3 • 2014 • Astronomy

Alien Worlds

We strip apart bizarre planets and strange moons and peel away impenetrable atmospheres, icy crusts and alien oceans layer by layer to reveal the secrets to extraterrestrial life.

S1E5 • 2014 • Astronomy


We strip apart comets, peeling away their dusty layers and their iconic tails to reveal the secrets of these mysterious visitors from deep space.

S1E6 • 2014 • Astronomy