The 101 People who Made the 20th Century • 2016 • 1 episode • 6h:32m

The history of mankind is a never ending story of change, revolution, and evolution, but no span of a hundred years can have changed the world so dramatically as the Twentieth Century. We look at the people most responsible for changing their world and making ours. We count down from 101-1. The names of those who most influentially shaped the century, our world, and our way of life.

Episode 4

Counting down from 62 to 50 we list scientists, revolutionaries, Generals… and even “the king”. But Elvis Presley isn’t the only surprise in this episode as he stands shoulder to shoulder with Amelia Earhart, Edwin Hubble and more. This episode touches on some issues which remain vital today and choices that changed the world and the way we live.

4/8 • 2016 • People