Genius by Stephen Hawking • 2016 • 6 episodes • 5h:24m

Professor Stephen Hawking reveals our true potential in a radical new science show which challenges a selection of volunteers and the viewer to think like the greatest geniuses of the past and answer some of humanity's toughest and most enduring questions. Using large-scale experiments and incredible stunts, we'll follow the volunteers' journeys as they get to grips with molecular biology, astrophysics and even quantum mechanics.

Can We Time Travel?

Three individuals face a series of challenges to find out if it's possible to time travel.


Are We Alone?

In this episode the task is to work out the likelihood of alien life in the universe.


Why Are We Here?

Can the participants work out why they exist at all? Is it destiny or pure chance?


Where Did the Universe Come from?

In this mind-bending episode can the participants work out where the universe comes from?


What are We?

In this episode the volunteers are led to a realization about the nature of life itself.


Where are We?

In this episode, the volunteers attempt to discover where we really are in the universe.